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“This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life!” (John 9:3b)

It is with great joy that we report: God is at work in Cambodia! He is displaying his glory in order that many in this land would come to worship Jesus the King.

Pu Samun had already seen his life transformed by the power of the Gospel, but in his mercy the Lord worked another miracle in his life to reveal his power and glory to those around him. Despite the pressures of being the only believer in his family, Samun became a bold evangelist in the villages in his area, though they were resistant to the Gospel. However, in November Samun became seriously ill. His unbelieving wife cried out in the night to Jesus to save the life of her husband. He was admitted to the best public hospital in Cambodia but by the time he arrived he was unresponsive; he could not breathe without a machine and fell into a coma.

A few days passed and the hospital advised the family to take Samun home to die and to make preparations for his funeral. In desperation they took him instead to a hospital in Vietnam in the hope that doctors there could save him but they only received the same advice. In their grief, the family began preparing a Buddhist funeral, blaming the Christians for the death of their loved one. But his small house church and a missionary couple gathered around him and cried out to the Lord.

They took the tube from his mouth in order that he could die with dignity; only to witness him cough and begin breathing unassisted. Samun’s family rushed him to the Mercy Medical Centre where five OMF staff work. He was cared for by national and foreign staff while the believers prayed on urgently for Samun’s healing. Within 24 hours this man who had been sent home to die was on the road to recovery.

His first spoken words were, “Believe in Jesus Christ!”

Now, back at home, those in Samun’s village are witnessing the work of God in his life. Previously discouraged Christians have now  rekindled faith and hope. Every night people gather in his home to pray and study the Bible; half of those attending are non-believers. Samun has visited his neighbours who lent money for his funeral and told them how Jesus had given him a second life.

Mercy Medical Centre staff are calling this man ‘Lazarus’.

Will you pray for Healthcare Missions?

  • Praise our glorious Healer for his great power for us who believe
  • Pray that many here would see his glory and bow the knee before their King.

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