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Lasting Hope that Overcomes

In March 2011, my husband and I were serving as church planters in Aomori in northeastern Japan when it was struck by the triple disaster of an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. The shake was so large that parts of northeastern Japan moved as much as 2.4 meters closer to America.

We were very involved with relief work for the following two years at the same time as church planting. We talked with people who had not only lost every possession they owned, but also lost friends, family, their local post office, bank, grocery store and countless landmarks. They had lost their entire infrastructure.

We were speechless at the scope of the loss but profoundly impacted by the truth of God’s Word. When you “give a cup of water in Jesus’s name,” miracles happen not only in the receivers’ hearts, but in your own heart as well. We made mobile cafes and gave out coffee, home baked apple pie, cookies and books. More than anything we gave listening ears.

We saw reunions of those who thought that the other person had died. We discovered afresh that everything else will indeed pass away, but God’s Word and his love will last. That is what will give hope that overcomes. In a land that has countless earthquakes, typhoons, and mudslides, along with social pressures, lasting hope that overcomes is truly good news.

By Ruth Mae, an OMF Missionary

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