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Kralanh district

Kralanh district has been a familiar place for OMF Siem Reap team since the Naritas surveyed for new outreach place in years 2006-2007. Relationships had been built and the Gospel introduced but at present, there are only three churches in the whole district; one is independent with 5-6 Christians and two belong to Four Square group with about 20 Christians.

Kralanh district is located approximately 52 km west of Siem Reap town on the National Road No.6. Its 10 communes consist of 94 vil-lages with a total population 60,000 people. Kralanh is one of the districts in Siem Reap with the least number of church-es. This district is a spiritually dark place. The people are so steep in superstition that they observe animistic Buddhist rituals that aren’t even practiced in other provinces in Cambodia. This form of Buddhism is embraced as part and parcel of the people’s life. Kralanh district didn’t escape the terror of the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s where many people lost their lives. Today at Kampong Thkov village in Kralanh, there is a monument erected in remembrance of the 8000 deaths during Khmer Rouge.

OMF International (Cambodia) has permission from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Siem Reap province to teach Korean language at Kralanh High School, the only high school in the whole district which has approximately 1,100 students. Most of the students are children of rice farmers and they have to travel long distances from their rice farms to school on a daily basis. After graduating from this school, many of them do not continue on to tertiary studies but take on jobs related to tourism in Siem Reap town. These students want to learn Korean and English languages so that they could have better prospects in finding a job. Our OMF team members in Kralanh hope to be able to build rela-tionships, bear witness, share the Gospel and reach out to the students’ families in the villages through these language classes. By Hak Hyun

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