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For the last 60 years, the Church in Thailand has been growing steadily. When OMF started work in Thailand in 1952 there were just 14,000 Christians. Now there are 408,000 Christians in 5,000 churches. Since 1952 the number of Christians in Thailand has doubled five times, about every 12 years.
But today there are still over 5,000 sub-districts (out of over 7,000) in Thailand that have no church. About 44 million people live in these areas.

One way churches can reach into these areas is through extended family networks. Churches were planted in 12 provinces as one church encouraged its members to share the gospel with their families.

There is also a need for dedicated Christians to leave their home and go live in these communities to share Christ and establish churches. They don’t have to be foreign missionaries, although they can be. They could be Thai, or Thai nationals from ethnic minorities. New churches have more converts than older churches. The presence of a church in a community means that people in that community have the opportunity to hear, discuss, and see the gospel.

Will you pray for Thailand?

  • Pray for more churches to encourage members to share the gospel with their extended families.
  • Pray for dedicated Christians whether Thai Christians or cross-cultural workers, to go and live in these unreached communities to share Christ and plant churches.
  • Pray that, as churches are planted in their districts, many would have the opportunity to hear, discuss, and see the gospel in action.

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