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Joy in serving missionaries

I tried putting the coffee thermos in the microwave to heat milk for my coffee; and saw my husband putting the leftover bowl of rice in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator. Then it dawned on us—the last two weeks had been extremely busy. We’d had many guests at the OMF Guest Home that we manage and various other mission responsibilities on top of  that . . . we were tired!

Our jobs

But this kind of tiredness is satisfying because, with God’s strength, we had had a chance to use our gifts to serve others.

We love preparing the Guest Home for those who need it. This week there is a family of six here who is moving out of their house after five years, to go back to their home country for home assignment—a period of ministry and support raising. They appeared at the Guest Home at the end of an exhausting day with all their suitcases and paraphernalia. We were able to give them a place to stay that had fresh beds and space to relax. That is our joy—to provide a place of rest for those who need it.

A couple of weeks before that we cleaned the second floor apartment at the Guest Home so a Prayer Team from the US would have a place to stay. They traveled around Hokkaido to pray for Japan and encourage pastors and churches. On their heels came a family and a single woman from Taiwan, plus a couple from the USA who all came on a Vision Trip to see if the Lord wants them to come to Japan as missionaries. We help other s by providing a comfortable place to regroup, think, and pray.

A support ministry, like Guest Home Managers, is like oil in the gears—it helps missionaries have more time and energy to do their ministries. What we do also helps those interested in God’s work in Japan. This hospitality ministry gives us much joy as we share God’s grace with others.

You might be asking yourself if there is a way to serve in East Asia without knowing much of the local language. Support ministry is one place where this is possible, where much of the work done is in English.

By Shelley, an OMF missionary in Japan

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that those in support ministries in OMF Japan would do their jobs well and with joy.
  • Pray that their financial support needs will be provided.
  • Pray that vacancies in support ministry roles across OMF International will be filled.

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