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It all started with a Christmas wreath: Akio’s Story

It all started with a Christmas wreath.

When she saw it in her friend’s entryway, Aiko* exclaimed, “Where did this come from? How was it made? Where did you make it?”

“I made it at the church,” her friend replied, “At one of the Christmas wreath-making classes.”

Although Christmas had already passed that year, Aiko asked her friend to let her know next time the event was on.

What is it about these Christians?
One year later, Aiko entered a church for the first time to learn how to make a wreath. When she met the missionaries there, they were so warm and friendly. “These Christians are kind-of different.”

It was the same sense of loving community that she felt from meeting the principal of her daughter’s Christian nursery school, and from talking to the Christian family that also sent their child there.

“These Christian people, what is it they have?”, Aiko wondered.

Aiko was baptised a couple of years later during her daughter’s first year of elementary school.

“When I found the Bible, it was like water pouring into me, filling me up. Everything made sense.”

One of her favourite Bible passages is Psalm 19:7-10. She says that in Japanese, words like “commandment”, “fear”, and “judgment” sound scary, but God’s Word says that they are pure, enlightened, clean, true, and righteous. They are sweeter than honey. God gives them their meaning.

How can we pray?

  • Pray that she would never lose the joy she had when she was baptised.
  • Aiko would like others to realise that God is calling them to be a part of the body of Christ.
  • Christmas events, such as the wreath-making classes, connect us to people who would otherwise never hear the gospel. Please join us in prayer for all these Christmas events, that hearts would be opened to the coming of our Saviour King, who is the Light of the world.

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