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Is It worth it? (A Foreign Bride’s Story)

In our first term of service, we got to know Mei and her family. Mei came from China, married a working class man, and believed and was baptised during her first year in Taiwan. After she settled, her husband went to China for work and left Mei and 2 daughters, (a 2 year-old and a 6 month-old) alone in Taiwan. Along with few other foreign brides in our church, we formed a mother’s group to discuss various topics and for Bible study.

One day, Mei said she would like to get a drivers license so she could take friends to worship God. She asked if I could assist her to complete the driving course. I wondered whether I could send my daughter to kindergarden in the morning, rush to Mei’s place to take her to driving school, entertain her daughters for an hour while she tool her class, and then return to pick up Mei and take them back their home. It would be a one month commitment! A question was echoing in my head, “Is it worth it to spend my whole morning in driving them around for a month?”

My husband and I discussed and prayed about it. We both had peace to accept this challenge. Then Mei got her driviers license successfully. As time passed by, we have seen Mei hunger for God’s Word and grow more mature in Christ. Following her passion, even though she was a single mom with 2 little kids, she picked up her foreign bride friends and their family to worship God week after week.

A few years later, following her husband, Mei moved to China with her kids. On occasion, I rang and encouraged her. During her time in China, she helped the local church establish a Sunday School. Mei’s Christ-like character even earned wide acclaim from her husband’s colleagues. Throughout the years, Mei’s husband periodically attended the Sunday service with Mei. Although he has seen Mei’s Christian belief help her go through difficultiesand direct others to find joy in Jesus, he just didn’t have the urge to step forward himself.

Last year, while Mei’s husband was still working in China, Mei returned to Taiwan for her children’s schooling. Mei has remained faithful to her call and actively re-gathered her foreign bride friends for gospel dinners, sharing God’s word to them. During Christmas, as Mei’s 13-year-old daughter decided to get baptised, Mei’s husband felt the time had come and, surprisingly,he announced he also wanted to get baptised together with his daughter. He took 11 years to come to this point!

Our work here in Taiwan is so slow! According to our human plans, we often focus our energy on a person, fill them with Bible knowledge and prayerfully wait for them to become leaders among the working class. However, they may suddenly move to another city for work and no longer be able to serve with us. Our dream is smashed and we wonder, “Is it worth it?”

Ten years of work producing only 2 Christians sounds depressing, but seeing Mei discovering her role in mission is encouraging. God willing, another Mei may rise soon among her friends. The Kingdom of God is built by these people.

Angela Chen – Changhua

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