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Introducing Rahel

Her one year in Cambodia started with someone trying to steal her bag and sadly finished in the same way. She faced many challenges and difficulties in between, but looking back she is thankful for the many blessings and gifts God has given her throughout the year.

Rahel Kohli from Switzerland came as an answer to prayer for different German/Swiss families. She started to teach German to the children of these families and also several subjects at an international school. “Anything, anytime, anywhere, I am ready to be used by God,” and God used her in supporting colleagues, tutoring a student, helping with the Khmer language module, playing music and children’s work. “God put me in a lot of situations where I wasn’t in control” says Rahel. Driving a motorbike in crazy traffic was one of these. She put on ‘armor’ physically, checking everything carefully before leaving, but also spiritually in reading God’s Word and praying for protection for herself and the people in Cambodia before and during her driving. She thanked God every time she arrived home safely and saw the impact of people back home praying for her as she was never in an accident. God taught some hard lessons as she learned to hold on to Him but out of the many challenges and difficulties came even more blessings and gifts. “This year blew my mind in seeing what God has done, seeing Him at work.”

Now back in Switzerland, Rahel wants to continue to get out of the boat and walk on water, like Peter did – looking at Jesus and expecting everything from Him, stepping out of her comfort zone and being willing to follow God unconditionally. Pray with her that many more people will do this and spend a period of time in a country like Cambodia. “It can change your life!

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