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International Women’s Day 2023: meet Charissa, Bea, and Angelika

This International Women’s Day (8th March 2023), we’re celebrating how God works through all of our stories; he doesn’t waste a thing.

We’d like to introduce you to three fantastic female OMF colleagues from around our organisation:

OMF Australia

Charissa, OMF Australia’s new Member Care Coordinator (NSW), shares her journey from Australia to Taiwan and back – and tips on what it takes to serve in mission from home:

‘I first heard about mission through a mission biography when I was in primary school – and then more biographies in high school (all OMF biographies). I never wanted to go on mission myself because I’d already moved around a lot. But I had a chance to go to East Asia and saw huge opportunities to share Jesus Christ with people who had never heard of him before. People who were just like me, except that I had a chance to grow up in a Christian family. I served in Taiwan for 2 years and felt God cut that time short, and I asked him, ‘Lord, why did you put me through that?’

Looking back, I see it was long enough to know what it was like to go through preparing for mission, learning to trust God, and take steps of faith. That deepened my relationship with God. It also gave me understanding and empathy for people who are unsure where God is leading them. I came to see the journey He took me into Taiwan wasn’t wasted; it was all preparation for being able to journey with people and to connect with and equip churches in partnering well.’

Charissa’s top 3 tips on mission at home;

  • Be willing – Be willing to serve behind the scenes to enable others to go – even if you don’t get to be the one who gets on the plane.
  • See the fruit, it’s there – Understand that it takes a whole chain of people to get the gospel out there, and by serving at home you will share in the fruit of that labour. You are part of the team that God’s working through to achieve His purposes.
  • Be open – Be open to how God might use you – your skills, gifts, abilities, passions, work experience. God doesn’t waste anything; he’s very creative.


OMF Germany

What is your job at OMF?
I am the secretary and responsible for the telephone and all incoming emails. I also send out the missionaries’ prayer letters, maintain our address database, and much more.

As a woman, do you feel you are in the right place? 
I feel in my place and exactly where God wants me to be. Related to the point that I am a woman: I have taken over the work of cleaning our coffee machine. Is this rather a woman’s job!?

How equal do you think women are at OMF Germany?
I think they are 100% equal! Our mission leader is a married couple, so already there is a man and a woman. There are women and men in other leadership positions, too. I don’t see any difference here.

What advice do you give to other women about mission?
If you ladies have a heart for mission, join OMF! Even if you are single and perhaps lack the courage, you’ll find that OMF is a wonderful caring family.
I am very happy that in Germany, women’s rights are respected. There are still so many countries in the world where women have no or much fewer rights than men. Therefore, we should not get tired of praying for women’s equality worldwide.


OMF Thailand

What is your job at OMF?
I am involved in church planting in Thailand.

As a woman, do you feel you are in the right place? 
As a woman in an Asian context, it is easy to have conversations with other women, even if they are older, younger or in a different circumstances. As relationships grow, conversations also get more profound. Then I can share scriptures and tell about my life with Jesus.

Which situations or issues are challenging for you as a woman within your ministry?
Although there are women in leadership in the local churches, there are also many older men. In the hierarchical structure it is not always easy for a woman to find her place.

What advice do you give to other women about mission?
I believe that God has given each of us gifts that we women can use in different situations in life for the purpose of building God’s kingdom. When we embrace this, God uses us in ways we didn’t think possible.

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