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In the Hidden Alley

“Ohhh look! Something’s written inside!” A lady said as she opened the Christmas card we’d given her. CX (my volunteer) and I were in the hidden lane of brothels in the Taichung area. My heart leapt as she read aloud to the other ladies: words of Scripture and a personal blessing that a member of one of our church small groups had handwritten in the card. Each of the cards we handed out that night had been written by different members of our small groups with prayers that God would bring each card to the right recipient. It was the last brothel we were to enter that night, and it felt like a special gift from the Lord that we got to witness this moment.

Earlier that day, we’d tried walking through the alley, but a door was literally slammed in our faces and all the rest weren’t yet open. Things hadn’t looked promising and CX had felt we wouldn’t get in at all. But we decided we would visit the more familiar section of the red light area and come back here a bit later.

Good thing we did! During our “detour” into the familiar area, we were welcomed into every tea shop we attempted to enter. These were all new places we’d never entered previously. What a contrast to the week before, where we’d only managed to enter one place and hadn’t been welcomed! This week, the conversations we had were so warm and full of connection that we only had time to enter two tea shops.

What happened when we returned to the hidden alley? In the end, God opened the doors of all but one of the brothels and we were welcomed each time. And we had just the right number of cards and gifts. “I feel a sense of satisfaction that I cannot describe with words,” said CX during our debriefing time at the end of the evening. We look forward to following up!

Praise God for…

  • So many opportunities at Christmas to share God’s joy and hope, and for a number of deeper conversations.
  • Opening literal and relational doors for PFG in the hidden brothel alley, tea shops, and amongst individual women.


– Audrey Lin, Pearl Family Garden (PFG) Ministry

(Taichung, Central Taiwan)

* Audrey with her husband, Gus have recently relocated to Puxin in Changhua County. Please pray for a smooth transition. They will be serving in the church planting team there with an OMF couple from S. Korea. Audrey will go to Taichung (about 45 mins away) every week for visitation.


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