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How Short-Term Mission Can Teach Us To Love Better

Freddy spent two months in Thailand teaching English, coaching football, helping with the urban poor and media. He shared that, “Despite no training as a teacher, coach or videographer, the language barrier and my brokenness God graciously used my time there for His glory.”

Yet, Serve Asia exists because we believe the impact of short-term mission is not short-lived. Freddy shares with us how God continues to use his time in Thailand to work in his heart and life.

Adjusting to your own culture

Initially, upon my return to the UK, I felt quite disorientated. Having acclimatized somewhat to the Thai way of life, I was struck with just how cold England was; in both senses of the word. The weather was definitely chilly, and I immediately missed the friendliness and warmth of the Thai people. I would be lying if I said it was not difficult to leave the wonderful missionaries and locals that I had the pleasure of spending time with. However, it was also lovely to be back with my family and friends and I quickly felt at home again.

When you go home changed

Home was unchanged, but I certainly felt different. I was filled with an excitement and passion for the Gospel that could only have been the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to tell everyone and anyone about the things I’d seen, done, heard and tasted.

I wanted people to recognize the opportunities and joys mission brings and be as passionate about it as I was. My excitement manifested itself in stories and refrains that I would repeat over and over. I was given the opportunity to share my experiences in front of the whole of my church, I told numerous friends, and my family probably feel as though they went with me because I’ve shared so much with them. I enjoyed speaking about mission and how God was so clearly at work.


A slow transformation

Although my passion did not evaporate, it subdued and internalized. I was inevitably caught up in the busyness of life, completing the final year of my undergraduate degree and presented with new challenges, situations and opportunities. Nonetheless, I began to witness the impact Thailand was having on me personally. I noticed that I had become more accepting, conscientious and servant-hearted. The biggest change I saw was how willing I now was to spend my free time better serving others. It continues to bring me great joy just walking with, listening to and investing in other people. God wishes that we love like he loves us.

Long-term impact

The Serve Asia mission does continue to have a significant and tangible impact in my life. Just last week we were discussing spiritual powers in my church Bible study, and I was able to share from my own experience directly. Conversations also keep on presenting themselves as I’m reminded by prayer letters about the continued growth of Christ’s church. Moreover, in my own walk with God I am often compelled to look back and fondly remember the power of prayer. Overall, being in Thailand has reshaped my priorities and has given me a grander, greater perspective. I will always continue to connect with my experiences and I trust that God will always use them mightily to draw me closer to Him.


Will you pray?

Please, be praying for central and southern Thailand as God continues to work powerfully and the fruits of His kingdom continue to be established there.

Pray that missionaries are called, that they receive the resources they need, and that they continue to abide in Christ.

Also, please pray for two of the other missionaries I was blessed to serve with.

Please, pray for strength and peace for a girl from Singapore and her family as they struggle through the pain of loss.

Also, pray thanks that the parents of one of our leaders recently became Christians after God graciously answered years of prayer.

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