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How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?

It was hot, sticky, midday in Taipei. Wenting stood at the counter of the small restaurant which belongs to the “Shopworkers Church” in Taipei and accepted the orders for food boxes. The Single Mums, for whom the Restaurant procures jobs, had already prepared a lot of varied dishes.

Wenting shouted into the kitchen: ”A lunch box with chicken leg for Ruyi.”

The women in the kitchen smiled, Wenting sighed: ”This shop-lady orders daily twice, but each time only one single food box. Could she not ask their colleagues whether they also want to order food boxes from us? It makes a real difference to deliver 10 lunch boxes in the summer heat or only one.”

But then Wenting reminded herself of the name of these food boxes: “Love food boxes” – through this food service people shall get to know God’s love. Somebody from the kitchen took over the counter service and Wenting swung herself on the motorbike and drove to the shopping centre around the skyscraper Taipei 101.

Quite sweaty, she arrived at the sales corner of Ruyi. Ruyi took the lunch box and started to pour her heart out to Wenting: “My colleague, who works with me, told a lot of bad things about me to the others here on this floor. Now no-one wants to have anything to do with me anymore.”

And then, in a very low voice, she continued: ”I don’t know if I should work here any longer – and I don’t even know what‘s the point of living any longer.” A customer came into Ruyi’s sales corner.

Wenting said to Ruyi: “After your work closing time at 22.00, we are having our small group. Please come, then we could talk more.”

Indeed, Ruyi came. From that evening onwards, she came not only regularly to the small group, but began also to attend our Sunday night service and to do one on one Bible study with one of the small groups.

Ruyi’s family belongs to a strict Buddhist sect. For us It is still a miracle that Ruyi could find and accept Jesus Christ and get baptized . At the baptism service Wenting gave Ruyi a big hug and said:” You have really shown me that it is worthwhile to deliver food boxes for Jesus Christ in the summer heat, even if it is only one”.

Not only has Ruyi had the opportunity to attend a small group in her Shopping Centre after closing time 21.30 and before she makes her way home by the underground train to a suburb of Taipei but, in almost in every shopping centre of Taipei there is a small group for shop workers meeting in a McDonald’s or other places which still are open around midnight.

However, what about the shop workers in the Shopping Centres of the other cities in Taiwan? We, the coworkers of the “Shopworkers Church in Taipei” have been praying often about this burden. The next city close to Taipei is Taoyuan, half an hour distance by train. There are three big Department Stores surrounding the Train station .

It was March 2014 when we, with Mrs. Wang, a Bible College student from Taoyuan, started doing visitation in these three Department Stores. There we also went into the sales corner called “Ined”, gave a magazine to the lady at the sales table and introduced ourselves.

The lady eagerly gripped our magazine. “I know this magazine” she told us quite excitedly, “Years ago I was in the hospital, seriously ill. Someone came regularly to my bed, gave me this magazine and prayed for me. Against all expectation of the doctors I recovered. And now you come – God has not forgotten me. Help me to get to know Him better. I am Siou Mei”

Two months later we could start with a small group meeting for Sioau Mei and others at a McDonalds and July 2015 with a night service for the shop- and restaurant workers in Taoyuan.

Elisabeth Weinmann – Taipei

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