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How Can It Be? (A story of hope)

There are about 1,200,000 people with disabilities in Taiwan. They are disadvantaged and hidden away from society in shame.

Our story starts out with a family: Grandpa and Grandma Lee and their 8 year old grandson, Ming. Grandma Lee is a Christian who used to take her sons and Ming to church on Sundays. Grandpa Lee never attended because he felt the frustration and disappointment in seeing Ming being discriminated in the church. In his eyes, Ming is inferior; academically and socially challenged. In their daily lives, they all felt hopeless.

One day at Ming’s school, Grandpa Lee saw the poster for the 24th Evangelistic Family Camp for Kids with Special Needs. Even though registration had just opened, the camp was already full. Instead of giving up, Grandpa Lee inquired into the organization in hopes of support. Even though he did not attend church, he believed that the God called Jesus would grant Ming this special opportunity.

Grandpa Lee and Ming attended their first “Precious” class, a Sunday school program offered by this organization, and it was eye-opening. From the moment they arrived, a friendly university student greeted them and accompanied Ming through the whole lesson. Grandpa Lee sat and observed, touched by the fact that so many Christian university students from all over Taiwan chose to spend their weekend teaching and loving on kids with special needs. They did not fight back when the kids tried to hurt them. They did not complain at all when they had to clean up the kids’ excrements. How can this be?

As Ming attended classes, Grandpa Lee also joined the Parents Growing Group. He started to read the Bible and encountered this Jesus that he had heard about in the traditional church. Ming thrived in the “Precious” class. Grandpa Lee took him on his motorcycle from Wuri to Xitun (30 mins) weekly. Surrounded by God’s loving community, Grandpa Lee and Ming did not feel alone anymore. They were filled with hope.

We are thankful for the “Precious Class Team” who organized the Evangelistic Family Camp and provided opportunities for all attending families (70 to 80 percent non Christians) to hear the Gospel every year. Please pray with us. There is a great need for pastoral care for these families with kids with special needs. May our God move churches to see and mobilize members to serve in such capacity.


– Angela Chen

Taichung (Central Taiwan)

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