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How a Sport Camp Taught Jon About Prayer and The Task Unfinished

Hi! I’m Jon, I’m 24 this year and studying Economics at Singapore Management University. I’m currently serving as vice-president of the Christian Fellowship in SMU, as well as a youth leader at my church. Furthermore, I enjoy reading the Bible with my juniors from the CF and church, and am really thankful for these mutually-edifying friendships. I obviously still enjoy my soccer, and I play in a Sunday League every week!

For the last two years I’ve gone to Sattha, the youth camp in Thailand with Serve Asia. I learned the importance of prayer and mobilization for mission.


Getting some training in before we began Sattha for real!


I didn’t really spend that long a time away from home at Sattha, but I did miss the friendships I had made during my time there. I suppose one of the big things I learned during Sattha that the church of Jesus Christ is far bigger than I know it to be in Singapore, and it comforted me knowing that my brothers and sisters had gone back to their respective countries and labored hard for the Gospel wherever they are. One thing that helped remind us of this was the WhatsApp group we had, where we would share prayer requests with each other even after leaving Sattha.  

Trying out our kits before Sattha officially started.


Team huddle and prayer before our first match!

One thing that was continually emphasized to us during our first Sattha trip was the importance of prayer. We literally prayed before every single activity, that God would do the greater work in hearts, before we had even preached the Word. That’s been game-changing to me as well. Even after coming home, I’ve taken this emphasis of prayer with me, and try to grow more and more in it.  

Receiving some instructions from Coach Will on my 2nd Sattha trip


Managed to play against this striker 2 years in a row on both my trips to Thailand (2016, 2017) He scored both times!


The rock-solid centre-back partnership of Lain the Scotsman and Jon from Singapore!


Around the Globe

Sattha has caused me to think a lot harder about God’s salvation plan for the whole world. It has caused me to be a lot more intentional about praying for overseas missions, and for Gospel work around the globe. It has caused me to be confident that no matter where the Gospel goes, the Spirit is empowering people to share Jesus. Its reminded me that I should be willing to prioritize Gospel work above all else.  

Working as a Team for the 3rd Year

I’ve realized the importance of mobilizing people to partner in this ministry through prayer (Romans 15:30), or financially. This year, as I return to Sattha for the third time, I want to be thinking hard about how I can best partner with the ministry by supporting the missionaries.  

Will You Pray?

  • Pray that I will be willing to prioritize Gospel ministry above my own desires.
  • Pray that I will be humble and loving as I serve my own teammates and the missionaries there.
  • Pray that I will be steadfast in serving God wherever I am placed, depending always on Him.
  • Pray that I will grow in the knowledge and confidence of His Word, that it is sufficient for all things pertaining to life and Godliness.

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