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Hope-filled Partnership: Together in the care of God’s Creation

No one can deny that during this global pandemic, the major reduction in human travel has lowered atmospheric emissions usually polluting the skies. In Manila and around the planet, we are enjoying bluer skies and finally, breathing in cleaner air. Wildlife is also benefiting tremendously since humans are interfering less in their habitats.

During the lockdown, we are finding ways to maintain, or even recover, our relationship with nature. With few opportunities to escape to the oasis of a forest, mountain or ocean, people are seeking meaningful connections at home. While some are tending to their blooming gardens, others are attempting to grow something for the first time. But for most of us, we are at least soaking in the beauty of the painted skies at sunrise and sunset each day. In one way, shape or form, we are connecting with our Creator through His creation.

The real invitation, however, is how we will continue to relate with the rest of creation post-pandemic. It’s easy to agree now about the value of nature experiencing some recovery, while most of the world is still on pause. But what happens when humanity pushes the “play” button again? The Sabbath we’ve been celebrating for the rest of creation may suddenly be disrupted by the flurry of human activities resuming again.

But perhaps we can seize this moment to consider a different way forward.


  • How can we think differently about creation?

  • What are specific ways we can participate right from where we’re planted?

  • How can each of us contribute faithfully and perhaps uniquely, within the collective role of caring for God’s creation?

  • Can we consider how caring for God’s creation is integral to our own journeys with Christ?

  • Can we step into the intersection of sharing Jesus with others and caring for the land that they inhabit?

Yes! Because the Christ-centred approach to creation care is filled with hope. It’s the only perspective that allows us to see a real future: a future that includes the impact of our efforts today, but is ultimately driven by the Spirit of God, redeemed by the blood of Christ and restored fully by the God of the cosmos.

Jasmine Kwong
Creation Care Advocate, OMF Philippines

Jasmine is a creation care advocate. With a background in conservation biology and community development, she often explores the intersections between humanity and the natural world. Her biggest inspiration is the Creator of the universe who is teaching her to cultivate a sense of awe and wonder through his creation.

Will you pray for the Philippines?

  • Praise God for the opportunities to maintain, or recover, our relationship with nature, during the lockdown.

  • Pray that we can still maintain our relationship with creation even during post-pandemic times.

  • Pray for Jasmine – for creativity and strategic thinking, but most importantly, listening ears to the Holy Spirit for the way forward in her advocacy role.

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