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Home Schooling the Kids

Kevin and Robin Olson and their 4 children (Evan, Emily, Alice and David) have been living up-country in North East Cambodia for most of their children’s lives. As with most families who embark on ministry up-country, the only choice of education for their children was home-schooling. Robin first began teaching their eldest son, Evan, 15 years ago and still has a number of years to go till her two youngest graduate.

Robin was elated when she first realized she would be home-schooling her children, but she was also nervous. ‘I was not sure how to get started with teaching a child how to read’ says Robin. ‘It was so scary I put it off for 6 months. I began to teach Evan to read only after he had begged me!’ Robin says the most challenging parts of home-schooling are choosing the best curriculum, getting the much needed resources to Cambodia and keeping to set deadlines. ‘But the blessings out-weigh the hard days’ says Robin. ‘I love being able to spend time with the children and watch understanding blossom on their faces.’ She also enjoys the flexibility that only home-schooling can bring. ‘Our school has a flexible schedule and we are not tied to certain days off’ she says. Learning about God through His Word and memorizing scripture is a major part of their curriculum and most days they are able to do this as a whole family with her husband Kevin also present.

Robin is amazed at how over the years God has provided opportunities/other people to do extra-curricular activities with the children. Activities that she herself feels she was not equipped to lead. ‘God gave these opportunities to bless the children’ says Robin. ‘He has been an ever-present help to us.’

Please pray for the OMF families in Cambodia that are currently home-schooling their own children. Pray God would equip and enable the parents in their teaching role and that the children’s educational needs would be sufficiently met.

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