OMF shares the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with East Asia’s people. Join with us as we pray for God’s work among them.

OMF shares the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with East Asia’s people. Join with us as we pray for God’s work among them.

Daily Prayer

Heart for Asia. Hope for Billions

Heart for Asia. Hope for Billions

OMF International worldwide unites around a common call and passion. God has given us a heart for Asia and a desire to bring his hope to billions. It is our heart’s cry to partner with the global church to see individual lives and whole communities redeemed through Jesus. Our vision is to plant churches and nurture in ways that equip the believers to grow God’s kingdom among those around them. The vision and mission of OMF Hong Kong is to mobilize and build up mission minded churches, to join together in nurturing and growing a new generation of workers for the gospel among the unreached East Asian people and making disciples for the Kingdom.


Short-term Opportunities

2 weeks to 11 months

Do you want to be on a short-term trip that will have long-term impact? Experiencing Asia through a 2-week to 11-month trip gives only a small glimpse at the work God is doing. There is a much bigger picture. Serve Asia is a mission’s discipleship journey. We will walk with you through screening and training, service time, debriefing, follow-up and integrating this experience into your entire life.
OMF International works among 150 people groups in East Asia

English Teaching

Teaching English is always a great need and you can assist the long-term workers by building relationships with university students. Teach English and share your life with them outside of the classroom at dinner gatherings, sports activities, coffee shops and inviting them to the local church. English teaching could also occur in an English Camp where you help the locals improve the important skill of speaking conversational English. Run an English camp where students can converse with a native speaker and

Student Outreach

Get ready to work with the future of East Asia. Student outreach is a fun and exciting way to make a big impact among those who will help shape the future of East Asian countries. Student outreach can include activities such as hosting events, English corners, music ministry, art ministry and coffee shop outreach, to name a few.

Children’s work

Reach the next generation by working with at-risk children. Minister with the field workers by teaching the children English, building relationships with the families and, most importantly, showing them Christ’s love.

Community Development

Participate in activities that help the community where a long-term worker does ministry. This could include anything from painting a playground to helping with construction. This opportunity allows you to show God’s love to the community through meeting practical needs.

Christmas Outreach

As Christmas time comes around, one of the greatest opportunities for ministry is to help long-term workers in their Christmas outreach. You will work with local people and the long-term workers to share what Christmas is all about.

Childcare for Conferences

Invest in the lives of the missionaries’ kids and provide an extremely important service for the long-term workers as you run a children’s program at yearly conferences.

Walking with Missionary

One of the greatest joys for many missionaries is seeing one of their sending churches participate in the long-term ministry that is being done. You can support a missionary you send and get a taste for what God is doing through the missionary and you!


Internships with or without internship credit are available in some countries.

Church Planting Outreach

How do you share the gospel and begin an indigenous church among people who have never heard the gospel? You will have the opportunity to work alongside long-term missionaries and learn the “nuts and bolts” of church planting among an unreached people.

Diaspora Ministry

Reach Thai, Chinese or Japanese who are currently living outside of their home country. You can help build a church, teach English, evangelize and so much more as you practice welcoming those who have relocated for one reason or another. Being part of a Diaspora team will allow you to reach Asians in the U.S., Europe, or where other OMF International workers are located.

Ethnography Team

Take your team into East Asia and become learners. You will be trained in how to relate to the culture, start informative discussions and build lasting relationships. Help long-term workers develop contextualized church planting strategies for the people groups you encounter. Take home stories to mobilize your church, small groups and other believers to find ways (pray, send, go, learn, welcome, mobilize) to take the gospel to the nations!

Prayer Journey

Learn to pray “on-site with insight” for unreached people living in spiritual bondage. You can pray through various areas and see how God works through prayer. This can even be done while backpacking, cycling or walking.

Medical Ministry

Visit various medical ministries, use your medical skills and learn from long-term workers what “integrated ministry” looks like today.

Work with Emerging Leaders

Reach intelligent students, the future leaders of the nation. We need young, English-speaking professionals to join long-term workers for a couple of weeks. Every team member needs to bring a willingness to love students and a couple years of work experience. A 10-day training program allows the students to grow in their professional capabilities while building a strong relationship with you.

Application Information
Application Due Date: 3 months prior to departure
Application Fee: HK$150 (individual) HK$500 (church team)
Cost of training and Debriefing are included in the program cost.
Requirements: 18 years old or above, baptized, servant attitude
Visit OMF International: and contact to apply.

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