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High School Ministry in Japan

Aaron is an OMF missionary who works with hi-b.a., a high school ministry in Japan. He’s currently training under hi-b.a. leadership in Tokyo and has a vision to be involved in the future with youth work in other parts of Japan. We asked him about one of the students he’s worked with this last year.

Tell us about a student you’ve seen significant growth in over the last year.

Sota is a Christian high school student who loves hi-b.a. and goes to hi-b.a. clubs events regularly. He loves singing and praising God and really loves God. He deeply cares for others.

When did you meet him?

I met Sota at the hi-b.a. center in Shibuya, Tokyo last April. He was a second-year high school student who needed friends and role models who would listen to him, sit with him and pray with him. He had gone through a lot in his life and from time to time just needs someone to be with him and give him words of encouragement.

What hi-b.a. events does he attend?

He regularly attends the after-school youth clubs at the hi-b.a. center in Shibuya from 4:30pm every Monday and Friday. He often comes to the Joyful Saturday events held twice a month at the center.

What does he get involved in at these events?

He comes, hangs out, joins in with the worship and message time, and prays with fellow high school students.

Why is hi-b.a. so attractive to him?

Hi-b.a. is like a family, a niche where he can come and feel comfortable. He can just be himself and not worry about what others will think of him. It’s an environment where he can blurt out his struggles and weaknesses and be heard by staff willing to walk alongside him.

Has he gone to hi-b.a. camps too?
Yes, Sota has come to the summer work camp, Summer Japanese camp, and Winter camp. During camp, he wakes up earlier than all the campers and goes outside to pray for all his friends.

Does he have non-Christian friends?
At school he boldly tells his classmates that he is a Christian and has been able to start a Bible study and prayer time with two other classmates. He is thinking of inviting these friends to church, but struggling to decide which church to invite them to.

Do you know what he’s thinking about for the future?

He is considering joining hi-b.a. as staff in the future and starting a hi-b.a. youth club in Sapporo, Japan.

Will you pray for Japan?

Give thanks for the hi-b.a high school ministry and the opportunity it provides to encourage young Japanese Christians and share the gospel with high school students.

Pray for Sota as he considers his future – pray that God would continue to lead and guide him.

Pray for the leaders of the hi-b.a ministry as they come alongside students and disciple them. Pray for wisdom and discernment in the different situations they face.

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