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Hero In My Home

Three women.

A British woman, formerly an architect. Now a church planter in Thailand. Her violin sings.

A young Singaporean lady who recently spent 12 months working in after-school programs with First Nation peoples in Canada. Dance and drama flow through her veins.

An Australian mom of two adult children, who also mothered dozens of others at a warm and loving dormitory in northern Thailand. From her kitchen comes forth all that is yummy and gooey and sweet and sticky.

Three women, with disparity in race, citizenship, age, family, personality.

But each, in these times, a hero in our home.
Each, giving her time and talent for the good of my girls.
Each, sharing a piece of herself, week by week.
Each, bringing a new voice and connection from the outside, in.

“Cooking with Aunt Tina” — My girls can hardly wait to don their aprons each week! What will it be this time? Dessert pizza? Frozen fruity yogurt? Fruit salsa with cinnamon chips? My girls dice and stir and roll and mix, and as they do, they grow.

Thursdays, 10:30: Dance & Drama class! With three other classmates! The giggles and joy that bounce around the shared screen during that hour make me cry every time. This class met “in real person” twice before stay-at-home orders went into effect, and Tricia had to return to Singapore. How courageous of her to continue teaching remotely! My girls read and recite and dance and role-play, and as they do, they grow.

And, violin lessons! Whoever knew you could teach violin via Zoom? Well, Rebecca can — and she does so with grace and kindness and loads of patience. For my ultra-social eldest, any activity is fun as long as you’re doing it with someone. Zoom violin with lovely Aunt Rebecca? Yes, please! My girl practices rhythm and legato and scales and staccato, and as she does, she grows.

Tina, Tricia, Rebecca — a trifecta of quiet servants, who look not only to their own inter-ests, but also to the interests of others. Ordinary women doing rather un-ordinary things during extraordinary times.

Thank you for “doing unto the least of these.” You are heroes in our home.

Rebekah N. Farber

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