“God’s guidance for me meant commitment to OMF”

Doh Moon Gap, who was formerly working for Korean Air Lines, joined OMF Korean Home Council in 1980 and became OMF Home Secretary for Korea. In that role, he not only represented OMF in Korea, but also recruited and trained Korean missionaries to help them prepare to serve overseas.

“God’s guidance for me meant commitment to OMF”   East Asian Millions April/May 1982 (North American edition): 187.  

I was brought up in a Christian home and attended church with my family regularly. God was not real to me, however, until I was fifteen years old, when He replied to a prayer of mine so wonderfully that for me it was a miracle and a lesson of His reality. But, to my regret, my high school and university days went by without any further thought of God’s faithfulness in His dealings with me.

After four years of studies I graduated in Law—but gave up trying to be a lawyer. I subsequently took a job with Korean Airlines, eventually working my way up to assistant manager in the Seat and Space Control Department. It was then that I became interested in the work of Scripture Union in Korea.

This interest gradually grew, and I found myself becoming more involved in SU work, helping in youth camps, staff leadership training, and other varied activities. It was through regular Bible studies with SU that I began to realize that the Bible was a complete and practical guide for me in my daily life. I am grateful for those times of studies and sharing with Mr. Yune Zong Ha, the General Secretary of Korean Scripture Union.

At the beginning of 1979 Mr. Yune encouraged me to go into full-time work with OMF, as I was keen on the ministry of SU and at the same time feeling that my job with Korean Airlines was not a life-time calling. But as I knew nothing of OMF or missions, I was not prepared at that time to accept such a responsibility and felt that I needed to wait a little longer.

Because of the problems of setting up a new home after my marriage in April 1979 and of taking up a new project in my company, I forgot the calling to OMF for a while. But when I was again challenged by the Word through reading Luke 14, I decided to find out more about OMF and their work. Gradually I was brought to an awareness that God’s guidance for me meant commitment to OMF. Waiting on God’s timing, I had to struggle with myself and with various obstacles that Satan put in my way.

I really appreciate the encouragement and fellowship in the Gospel I shared with Dr. Pattisson and Mr. Yune during that time, and Philippians 3:13 and Luke 9:62 gave me real strength. Early in March 1980 my wife and I went down to Masan to start orientation with the Pattissons to become full-time staff of OMF home council.

Fellowship with colleagues and staff at international headquarters during the June 1981 orientation course wasa real blessing to me. In spite of my poor English, I was rearmed as a soldier of Jesus Christ. I was also privileged to look around various fields in which OMF is serving, and it was a wonderful experience to enjoy oneness in Christ everywhere and with every fellow worker I visited.

It is the amazing grace of God which has led me to this point step by step. Looking forward to my future ministry in Korea, I praise the name of the Lord, who is faithful to His children—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.




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