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How God Used a Simple Friendship to Guide Joseph into Mission

“So, how many people got saved?”

In the West, we like numbers and statistics. Number of conversions, baptisms, increase of tithe. But is mission really about the numbers?

After going to Taiwan, Joseph wasn’t interested in relaying stats or dramatic stories of immediate conversions. As he discovered, mission has more to do with the long haul, the people, the day in and day out faithfulness in the face of discouraging statistics, and the small victories of relationship.

Joseph first became interested in Taiwan when he developed a friendship with an exchange student from Taiwan. He began to learn Chinese and eventually heard God speak, giving him a vision to help the Taiwanese come to know Christ.

Joseph went on three Serve Asia trips to rural Taiwan where he was involved in different types of outreaches, from youth programs to teaching English. As he engaged with the people, he began to learn about them.

As Joseph faced the challenges of living with others, his limited language ability, and the spiritual mindsets of those in Taiwan, God taught him lessons that would deepen his desire to serve long-term in Taiwan.

4 Lessons Joseph Learned

  1. Missionary work often looks like work you could be doing in your hometown. I used to think you had to do a lot to make an impact. But actually, the impact you can make is by doing very ordinary things. For example, go down the street and talk to people.
  2. It’s important to be more serving. My first Serve Asia trip was my first time living with another family that was not my family. Learning to navigate different family dynamics and to serve them may seem small, but it is critical.
  3. God is awesome in giving opportunities to share the gospel with other people. Many times, when talking to people I’ve been able to share the gospel, tell stories and tell them about God.
  4. If God tells you to go, then go, for the harvest is plentiful, but workers are few. That doesn’t necessarily mean if you are a good Christian you have to go overseas. If God is calling you to serve in your hometown, then do that.


Will you pray?

  • Pray for Joseph to have wisdom for the future as he prays about going into long-term mission work and for God to open the doors for him.
  • In Taiwan, spiritual mindsets are strongly fixed on traditional religions including ancestor worship, Buddhism, Daoism, etc. Please pray the older generation would find hope in Christ and the younger generation, who often follow tradition rather than personal belief, would find a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Many believe Christianity is a western religion and does not apply to their way of life. Pray the Taiwanese would come to know the Living God who is not bound by geography or culture.

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