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God is in the little things

Before coming to Japan, I used to be very busy volunteering in different ministries at church. Sometimes I had to lead Bible studies after an exhausting day at work. I just wanted to go through all the questions in the material without caring about the spiritual needs of my brothers and sisters.

But serving in Japan changed my mentality about church ministry. I’m learning to slow down and really listen to people, and that’s where I get to see how God is working.

During Christmastime, we shared some Bible stories with children in the neighbourhood. One day a kid, who is not a Christian but has been coming to church several times, noticed an ornament with a baby on the Christmas tree. He recognized that it was Jesus Christ right away.

A few weeks later, some other kids from the neighbourhood had come for musical games, praise songs, and a Bible story. While we were having snacks, one little girl shared that she remembers the creation story in Genesis. She talked about how God created all the fruits in the world.

On another day, I shared that I am currently working at a church in Japan with a lady who handed me some food samples at a grocery store. Then she started telling me how an international student invited her to a Sunday service a long time ago. There was also one time a gentleman stopped and started asking me questions when I was handing out church flyers at the subway station.

There are so many small stories like this that I could share. God really is at work in the lives of people all around us.

I used to miss all these little episodes in life and went on busying myself with other things that seemed more important. But Japan is known for paying attention to details. I hope that you can also learn to slow down and observe little things around you. Then you might discover some of the beautiful pieces of God’s plan and his work.

By Ronnie, a short-term OMF missionary


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