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God in the workplace

Marguerite McCann has been in Cambodia since 2007 with her husband Alex, who works  in student ministry, and her children.  A  qualified Occupational  Therapist, she  has  been  delighted  to  volunteer  at  Safe  Haven,  an American-led NGO based in Siem Reap that works with around fifty  children  with  disabilities  in  local  villages,  providing rehabilitation and support to their families.

Last  year  OMF  agreed  to  fund  a  trainee  Rehabilitation Assistant part time for at least one year and we prayed that the Lord would provide the right candidate.  Safe Haven recruited a young Christian woman named Pheary, who has been learning skills  needed  to  provide  quality  rehabilitation  from Marguerite and  Khmer  Physiotherapist.

In  addition  to  this  capacity building, Marguerite has also had the opportunity to model how to be a Christian  in a secular workplace and  to pray  regularly with Pheary.   With  a motorbike  provided by OMF  supporters, families are now visited much more regularly and  the children are  improving at a rapid rate.  In  fact, Safe Haven are delighted with Pheary and her hours have now been increased to full time.

Recently, Marguerite  felt a particular burden to pray with Pheary for one particular  family’s salvation. The  father had died,  leaving his wife and 5  children, one of whom has a  severe disability,  in a dilapidated house with no door.   During the funeral so many people visited that the house collapsed under the weight. Safe Haven and the local  disability  network were moved  to make  an  appeal  for  funds  and  provided  a  new  home  and  food. 

A  few weeks  later,  Marguerite  attended  a  church  prayer  lunch  and  heard  a  testimony  about  this  very  same  family, saying that the church had been involved in supporting them and that the father had come to faith before he died!  The  father, mother and eldest daughter had been attending church. God  is connecting ministries and  individuals to change  the  lives of Cambodians  through his Holy Spirit. Please pray  for Marguerite and Pheary as they work with and pray for these vulnerable families.

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