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Getting to the end of the story…

“Yes, I’ve heard about Jesus, and how he died. Oh, I pity him so much! It’s such a sad story,” said Ohm, the 17-year-old neighbor girl I had asked to come once a week to play and speak Thai with my young daughters. Ohm’s beautiful dark eyes were sorrowful.
“How did you learn the story of Jesus?” I asked, surprised and genuinely curious.
“They taught it in my world religions class,” Ohm answered. “We learned about all the major religions of the world. I loved learning about Jesus. He seems like he was such a good man, and then he was killed.”
“I see … but you do know the end of the story, right?”
Ohm looked puzzled.
“After Jesus died, he came back to life again.”
Now Ohm looked surprised. I could see the confusion on her face.
“Yes, his death is not the end of the story! His death was terrible, but God raised him from the dead three days later. Many people saw him during that time, and he’s alive today, in heaven!”
I could tell Ohm wasn’t sure what to think. (It’s a large claim, isn’t it?)
“I never learned that part of the story,” she answered.
Pray for the Thai who have never heard the story of Christ’s death and resurrection, that they would have an opportunity to hear, and that their hearts would respond in faith to what he has done for them.
He is not here! He is risen, risen indeed!

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