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From Thailand with love

Coming from Thailand, Kesara arrived in her neighbor country in 2003. After language study she worked in different areas of Phnom Penh until she felt compelled to go up-country. In 2013 she started praying and visiting different places. She met with a very humble pastor who worked in Kep, the southern-most tip of Cambodia, who had prayed for many years for someone to help him. Kesara felt compassion and was called to evangelize in this tourist seaside town to disciple the few Christians there.

The independent Baptist Khmer church started in 1999 when this pastor (also rice farmer) first came to faith. The church
initially met at his house – now they all meet in a church building within a rice field. The church exists of mostly his family members so far.

“Our life is an example, to teach others to follow God and the Bible,” says Kesara who desires that people grow deeper in His
Word and start reaching out to the people around them. She isinvolved in different Bible studies and teaches men at a cafe.
One man from this group came to faith and now she continues to teach him and his family. Furthermore she does aerobics with her neighbors early in the morning, teaches English, preaches every month and is involved in a prayer group. Although she has no other team mates she has a clear purpose and focus on ministry, and knows how to spend her time. It’s all by God’s grace and she is thankful that her help comes from the Lord.

As many people need to work on Sunday in this tourist town and many have problems with alcohol, Kesara’s prayer is that the believers will grow in commitment, understanding and maturity.  She trusts that God will provide in every way, that this church will stand on its own in the future and be a blessing to the community in Kep.

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