Thailand Field / 4 February 2024

Please join us in prayer for Thailand this week:
– Pray for a fresh joy for Christians about the great treasure of knowing God (like the pearl in the parable)
– Pray for children of Christian parents to see and embrace the valuable gift God wants to give (instead of following Christianity just like another religion)
– Pray for Christians to see how knowing God, and getting to know him better, is worth more than anything that the world can offer – pray for setting right priorities in everyday lives
– Pray for people who have heard the Gospel recently – may they realise what great treasure they have found and start trusting and following the Lord
– Pray for people who have seen the truth of God’s word and want to follow Him but meet big obstacles on this way (like rejection from their families or communities)
– Pray for people who have not yet heard the Gospel (or not in a way that they could understand) to find this “pearl” of God’s forgiveness and eternal hope

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