Thailand Field / 17 December 2023

Please join us in prayer for Thailand throughout this third week of Advent:

Lord Jesus, thank you for your coming and bringing your light into the world. Your light that shows us your way, your light that ‘lightens’ our burdens. Yet it also brings to light our unworthiness. We pray that you help us Christians in Thailand to “clear away the wilderness” in our hearts to make room for you there. Lord, show us where we are unforgiving, proud, self-righteous, or anything else that hinders us to be close to you and to be a blessing and light to other people around us. At the same time we praise you that YOU are the one changing us, You are our hope.

We also pray for the people in Thailand who don’t know you yet. We pray for people who are hindered to come to you by family members or who are hindered by their understanding of you or by their ambitions, or people who have never heard of you. May those hindrance be cleared away. May their hearts be prepared to receive the Good News of you taking all their guilt and shame. May many receive you as their Saviour and Lord and start trusting you rather than themselves.

Lord, let your light shine in Thailand.

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