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Four Generations Come to Christ

Mr. and Mrs. Lin (林) had lived in Qiaotou for about 30 years before we were introduced to them by a mutual friend. They sold fruit in the market for many years before opening a small restaurant. As we got to know them they were very open to hearing testimonies of God working in our lives and the lives of others. When they heard that we were going to have an English summer camp they asked if their grandson could attend. After the camp their daughter and son-in-law started bringing their grandson to our weekly Saturday kids club. As they lived a 20 minute drive away they would stay and chat with David as their son was at the club upstairs. They had lots of questions and were happy to listen to Bible stories. After a few months they believed in Jesus, started attending a church near their house, and were baptized.

At some point we were also introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Lin’s son and daughter-in-law. He was searching spiritually and had been to a church downtown a few times. They started coming to our church and loved the small group discussion time on Sunday where they could ask their questions. A few months later they left Taiwan to spend a year living and working in Australia. They attended a church in Australia and saw God answer prayer. When they came back to Taiwan they were hungry to study the Bible, which they did with a short term worker from a Chinese church in New Zealand! Before returning to NZ, this brother had the privilege of baptizing Mr. Lin’s son. Brian Janssen then continued to meet with him and his parents for Bible study. 5 months later, Mr. and Mrs. Lin were also baptized and, soon after we returned from HA in Canada, we had the joy of baptizing their daughter-in-law.

But that is not the end of the story. Just last week Mrs. Lin’s 80-year-old father, a former spirit medium, said that he no longer wanted to worship idols and wanted to follow Jesus. So on Jan. 2 a “house cleansing” service was held at his house with idols and idol worshipping things cleared out of the house. Pray for the local church near where he lives to visit and encourage him in his new faith. Pray too for his wife to believe and for them to be baptized.

David Ullstrom – Qiaotou, Kaohsiung

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