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Fisher of Men

A Rakhine fisherman, Mr. T.S. became a believer after two Christians prayed for his healing from alcohol-induced liver disease about seven years ago. He became completely well within a week but was without any Bible or fellowship for five years because he lived on an island five hours by boat from the mainland.

Later, he came to Yangon looking for work, but found fellowship instead, bringing his wife and staying with a Christian family for several months. During this time, he diligently learned the Scriptures and showed a great interest in helping the poor. With another believer, he went to a village in the Delta to build a pre-school and make water filters.

Upon his return, he said he’d thought he had seen the poorest people in his part of the country, but this was the poorest he’d ever seen. His practical help and humility made such an impression on the villagers that they asked us when he was coming back.

During further training, including how to kick bad habits, T.S. shared his own struggles. He had quit alcohol for several years, but went back to it when he suffered financial failure. Then he quit again, and is now seeking to stay off completely, with the help of God and his fellow-believers.

In the past 18 months of being home and working again as a fisherman, Mr. T.S. has won several other fishermen to faith. They have encountered opposition from the local religious authorities, but T.S. remains faithful, despite being threatened with expulsion from the village if he continues to preach. Training in community development has given him a vision for how the gospel can practically change a whole village.

Will you pray for Myanmar?

  • Pray for Rakhine believers who are scattered and scared – for faith, boldness and miracles.
  • Pray for Rakhine people to be set free from their addictions, especially alcohol, smoking and betel chewing.
  • Pray for Rakhine believers to overcome their ethno-centrism and to develop a love for the lost of other ethnic groups.
  • Pray that Rakhine believers will have a vision for holistic development, and be able to implement this through both personal transformation and unified teamwork.

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