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Father to the Fatherless

A Father to the fatherless
In the village where we have our church, the population consists mostly of grandparents and their grandchildren. The parents go to find work in bigger cities. Most of the children have divorced parents and live with their mothers’ parents, so occasionally, on holidays, they get to see their mothers, but never their fathers. The Sunday school kids in our church are no different.
One Sunday, after the stories were over, we sat around a table to do the Bible craft. During their conversation, the subject of ‘fathers’ somehow came up. Two siblings from different fathers had an argument, and the bigger of the two said to the other one, “At least I saw my father when I was little. You never saw your father, you don’t even know who he is.”
One of the bigger girls spoke up to console the younger one, “It’s okay, I also don’t remember my father. We don’t even talk on the phone.”
Then another girl, who had been quiet up until now spoke up. “I don’t need a father, I have God, who is my father (พระบิดา). He’s all I need.”
Everyone else kept quiet after that. It was such a powerful, completely true, statement. I wanted to add something to it but decided I didn’t need to. It made me feel so happy to hear her say that. I hope that they will remember this — that they have a loving heavenly Father — for the rest of their lives.

Rina and Puii Renthlei


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