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Family Struggles

Chi, age four, is from a ‘typical’ Chinese family with two parents and one child. Some in China may consider it fortunate that her parents are still married since divorce is increasingly common.  China’s state-run newspaper, People’s Daily, reported that while 1.2 million Chinese couples tied the knot in 2009, nearly 2 million filed for divorce in that same year.  China’s divorce rates have risen for seven consecutive years with 2.87 million marriages ending in divorce in 2012 — a 7.65 percent increase from the year before.  Chi’s parents could have been a statistic — they fight constantly and have considered divorce.

Chi goes to a small preschool run by local Christians because her parents knew one of the teachers and they trusted the school to provide a safe and loving environment for their daughter.  Even at a tender age, Chi is shown what it looks like to love people. Sadly, it is an example that has not been modelled by her parents, who have trouble communicating in a healthy way.

One day, Chi’s parents got into a huge fight again. Her mom was furious and disappointed that Chi’s father had loaned money to some friends who were drug addicts. Like many couples, she and her husband do not communicate well during conflict. Chi’s mom kept complaining about her husband’s poor judgment: he became upset and responded by shouting and waving his fist threateningly. Chi was deeply hurt. It reminded her of the fighting between children at her school and she cried out to her bickering parents:

‘Why do you two fight? You should love each other!’

Chi’s words struck the hearts of her parents. They were ashamed and stopped fighting.

God desires to see parents come to faith and model Christ’s love for one another so that their children may also know the love of their heavenly Father. Only when every generation comes to know God’s love will whole communities experience transformation.

Pray for believers in urban China to love their families that testifies to Christ’s love in their communities.

Excerpt from : China’s Cities: A Prayer Guide for Urban China.

Find out more about how you can reach families like Chi’s, and others who make up The Urban Billion of China.

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