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Extending our reach in Japan through partnerships

How are we ever going to reach the many in Japan who have never heard the good news of Jesus? OMF is working to reach them through student ministries, children’s ministries, working in local churches, and reaching out to and mobilizing those who return from overseas. Dance, sports, and homeless ministries, are other creative methods we’re using.

One of OMF Japan’s core values is working with others. Why? Because we know we can’t do it on our own. We partner with other like-minded Christian groups and organizations to reach the nation of Japan with the gospel.

One way that we’re partnering with others is by seeking out like-minded foreigners who have moved to Japan for various reasons such as business. We call them “OMF Friends.” One such person is See Huang and his wife Elena, from Malaysia. We asked him about his experience with OMF Japan:

“Our arrival in Japan in 2016 was stressful. I started work as an English teacher in the church, while Elena worked as a freelance writer and editor to help support me. The cultural adjustment was harsh and we had no support network. Frustrated, I asked my church elder in Malaysia if he knew of anyone in Japan. He sent the email address of Richard, an OMF missionary. Richard connected me to Armin, and Armin invited me to an OMF Friends meeting.

We went along and met other tentmakers—most were foreigners like us. They helped me see I wasn’t the only one who had problems adjusting to Japan. My wife and I soon signed up to become official OMF Friends.

Connecting with OMF also enabled us to cross-pollinate our respective ministries. A few times, we partnered up with Levi and Alex, two OMF missionaries, helping them organize a board games gathering. We also collaborated with Susan, who gave her testimony at an event at our church.

If God had not put us in touch with OMF, we would probably have left Japan after the first year. Praise God for the connection and partnership!”

OMF partners with people from all across the world like you! Come join our team, as we live and minister in partnership to spread the good news of Jesus throughout Japan. Or come and work in Japan and join us as official Friends.

By Tim, an OMF missionary

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that more people will join our OMF team: as long-term and mid-termers.
  • Pray for more people working here to link up with us as OMF Friends.
  • Pray that OMF remains true to the core value of working with others, and that God brings about good partnerships.

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