We are committed to integrating creation care into our lives and ministries.

As an international organization we are exploring and applying our practice of environmental stewardship and learning to be responsible about our impact on God's creation.

We encourage everyone to live out creation care through nurturing their relationship with our Creator and his creation, and living lives which worship him in word and action. 

We seek to model this in our own personal walks of discipleship and encourage this approach in the churches we work with.

We are already engaged in a range of Creation Care ministries

  • Ministry to urban poor and migrants
  • Sustainable food production
  • Forest conservation
  • Water, power and waste management
  • Environmental consultancy and teaching
  • Missional business
  • Building design and construction

We value developing ministries in partnership with local churches and groups in response to local needs and opportunities so this list offers examples only. There are many new ministries developing and we encourage you to learn more and, where possible and appropriate, to visit in person.

We have many short-term Creation Care ministry opportunities

One of the best ways to learn about Creation Care ministry is through joining in. Why not connect with us through Serve Asia ? As part of our commitment to environmental sustainablity we are growing local and virtual opportunites. East Asia may not be as far away as you think.
Serve Asia is our programme for anyone wanting to experience and work in or with East Asia's peoples short-term. It is integrated with our discipleship programme designed to help equip and encourage you to be at the forefront of mission in East Asia.

Creation Care Ministry Stories