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Empowering Cross-Cultural Connections: OMF Korea’s Inaugural English-Speaking Team Explores the Thai Field

I feel privileged and grateful to be able to welcome the first English speaking short term team from OMF Korea and I am glad that they could come to experience a little snippet of the OMF Thai field. The 6 young people who came with 2 leaders were enthusiastic and passionate. I was so impressed at their willingness to observe and learn, always ready to help, and their patience and kindness to each other and the people they met on the field. I saw that they had to endure the heat as they were not used to it, and some of them had headaches and felt very tired. But they did not let these things deter them from trying to observe and learn fully. They were very willing to try new food and even went with us on all kinds of public transport around Bangkok. The locals, together with the missionaries here, were very happy to see their energy and freshness. Even though most of them found it challenging to use English all the time, they tried their best to communicate and share, and they did so well in listening carefully and asking good questions. I am glad that this team could come and talk with different missionaries and see what missionary life could be like. I pray that they will continue to learn about missions and pray for us, and live in a mission minded way as they go about their lives back in Korea. All glory to God 🙂

Written by Cherlyn Oh

Serve Asia Co-Ordinator, OMF Thailand

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