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In early June, a mental health team serving in a remote mountain area came to our mental health rehabilitation center for an exchange program.

The team are the part-time staff of a local charity, serving more than 40 people with mental health problems. The staff are from a farming backgrounds and reach out with the love of Christ to these individuals and their family members scattered in remote mountainous areas.

Most people they work with speak a local dialect and people from other places cannot easily communicate with them. Because of a lack of medical care or rehabilitation services, some of these people with psychiatric issues are locked in bare wooden houses.

Practical help

The staff visit the patients’ homes regularly to provide counseling, education and support to the patients and their families. Getting to these home visits often takes several hours of riding and walking.

The charity was started by a Christian psychiatric doctor about a decade ago, who moved on a few years ago.  After earnest prayer the staff decided to continue the program, but lacked professional support so the team’s service stagnated.

Professional Support

A co-worker, after learning about their work, started to provide training, analyzing issues, and working to find solutions with them. The co-worker then brought the group to our center to broaden their understanding of mental health rehabilitation and family support ministry. We worked to enhance the skills of the team and to find new directions for their service. In the three days we had together, I tried my best to provide training and support, affirming their work and effort. I am grateful to be able to make a small contribution to this meaningful work and through their hard work, bring love and care to those remote places.

Will you pray?  

  • Give thanks for the work of this local non-profit.
  • Pray for the professional support they are now receiving to be useful and improve their service in the area.
  • Pray for more people to join their team.

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