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Dreaming of salvation

Though our Zhong-pu San-he team generally reaches out to young families, last night we baptized a woman in her 60s. Here is the testimony she shared:

The whole process of my getting acquainted Thomas and Jennifer must have been arranged by Jesus. Soon after my daughter Snow moved to Zhong-Pu, she got to know them. I was living in Tainan at the time. One Sunday when I came to Zhong-Pu to visit Snow, my daughter took me to the McIntyre’s park activity. That’s the first time I had contact with Christianity. But I never thought that someday I would be become a Christian and be baptized. The whole process is miraculous.

Two years ago, I also moved to Zhong-Pu. Since all my friends and old colleagues live in Tainan, my daughter encouraged me to go out and get to know new friends. So I would come to the Gospel Center often and attend their activities. Gradually, I got to know Thomas and Jennifer more and was very impressed by them. Their devotion to evangelism, how they treat others and handle things is something I could never have done. And that led me to understand the unconditional love and total acceptance of the Lord Jesus.

I grew up worshipping ancestors and gods (Bai-bai). When I first thought about becoming a Christian, honestly, I had many bad dreams. They were either about my deceased family elders or my husband. And the nightmares frightened me. I wondered if they forbid me to become a Christian. At first, I thought that maybe because I couldn’t hold incense and worship them anymore if I became a Christian, that’s why they would appear in my dreams–because they were not happy. During that time, I would still “Bai-bai,” but I also asked Christian friends at church about how to handle my “Bai-bai” situation. I was given many suggestions; however I still did not know how to do it and was puzzled for a while.

Then one day I had another dream. In the dream I was out traveling with my family and the car happened to stop by a temple, And I discovered that I not only did not hold incense and Bai-bai, but I was even praying…then I woke up and felt amazed. Before that dream, I still did the traditional worship because I didn’t know how to let my ancestors know my intention to be baptized. That dream made me realized suddenly how to handle the “Bai-bai” situation and conquer this hurdle—I just needed to pray. I know that it’s Lord Jesus who gave me strength and wisdom to become a true Christian. I’m very happy that from now on I can follow Jesus and become a member of this church family.

–Jennifer McIntyre

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