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Dream Big

What dreams do you have for your community?

I visited a small team who serve an impoverished Muslim community perched perilously between land and open sea. The team’s biggest dream is to demonstrate the love of the Lord Jesus, in part through developing the community. There is no land, as the houses are spread out on stilts over the water, so Khalid dreams of giving each family a flower pot, and ampalaya (bitter gourd) seeds so each family can grow fresh vegetables for their family.

Khalid also dreams of a livelihood project. He has all the details mapped out, and has done his research. He knows what is needed. His project will use local materials, involve sales to local people, and his product is something people will buy regularly.

He will train key men from the community, and, as he trains them, he can talk about his life and faith. But in order for this to work well, he needs a generator, as his area experiences regular power outages, and at the moment, he can’t afford to buy one.

Amir, a Muslim community leader, has an even bigger dream: A factory that would employ one person from each household in the community, providing a regular income, thereby improving self-esteem, and enabling children to finish school.

Abdul dreams of seeing a pre-school building. At present, a retired teacher comes in and gives lessons in a bus shelter, about 2m x 3m in size. The 20 students struggle to keep out of the harsh sun, and there are no desks or chairs, no walls or blackboard, no books, just a willing available teacher.

George dreams of what the future would look like if each child in his community had a good start in education.

Yusuf dreams of having a proper water supply for his community. This community is close to the centre of the city, but currently there are only two pipes shared by a community of thousands.

Are these impossible dreams, or can God use them as possibilities for His people to serve and honour him in these communities?

Will you pray for Muslims?  

  • Pray for the realisation of these dreams, to not only meet the physical and environmental needs of the community, but as an avenue of fulfilling their spiritual their needs.
  • Pray for people who are willing to both journey with communities to realise big dreams, and take opportunities to explain hope in Jesus Christ.

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