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Too Dirty to go to Church

A-Beng has a reputation of being a good man. Perhaps this is because he and his wife take care of a severely disabled little girl whose mother died in childbirth.

They care for this child as if she were their own.

One day, the little girl was hospitalized. The doctor said she had little chance of surviving. In desperation A-Beng and his wife appealed to the spirits. But to no avail. When they then told a Christian friend of theirs that the little girl was ill, she offered to pray over the little girl. Miraculously, she recovered.

In response A-Beng and his wife decided to go to church. His wife continued to go, but A-Beng soon dropped out, “I’m too dirty to go to church. I smoke, chew betel nut and use foul language. Those people at the church are high class. I’m just a food stall worker with little education.”

However, A-Beng is extremely interested in Christianity and had great talks with some Christians who went to his food stall and shared Bible stories with him.

Will you pray for Taiwan?

  • Praise God that he is the God who loves the “dirty” and outcast.
  • Pray that churches will have ministries to reach out to those who feel uncomfortable in traditional services.
  • Pray that non- Christians will increasingly see the church as relevant. That the church will have a high reputation as a place where people can find answers, love and acceptance.
  • Pray that Christians will show the working class unconditional love and start to change non- Christians perceptions of the church as a place where they won’t fit in.

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