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Dealing with False Doctrine & Spirits

We had ridden the bus for two days and then another ‘short’ 4-hour van ride when we arrived in this small migrant worker slum.

As soon as we arrived, the word spread by mouth and cell phone. That evening we had a meeting, sharing words and songs of encouragement until the early hours of the morning. Even though the bed was shorter than my tall frame, I welcomed both the sleep and the warmth, as it was only 6-8 °C.

The next day was on my mind. We would be dealing with false doctrine that had come into this community and had infiltrated at least 20 families. Dealing with false doctrine is always difficult. This group had already encountered two cults and had survived both attacks with their faith intact, but now another group claiming authority apart from Scripture were coming in.

It broke my heart seeing their hunger to learn, yet due to some of them being paperless or undocumented persons, they were hindered in every aspect of life that needs identification, including education. So, when someone came to teach, they were very eager to learn.

The day started early, we prepared for the meeting. We went down a rough dirt track to a very remote location where a small meeting house was erected out in the forest. By meeting time, the house was packed, no space was left empty! We had a time of encouragement and then we had to deal with the false doctrine.

We prayed and the entire three hours, when the main issue was addressed, there was peace and rapt attention. In the end, my concerns and the word of correction was received well.

As we were finishing up, eager to get some rest before another 12–hour bus ride, we had a surprise. In came a man with his wife having, what seemed to be, some emotional problems. As we talked with them, it became very apparent that this was not an emotional issue but a spiritual one. The entity manifested itself, and in the name of Jesus Christ it had no choice but to leave. After prayers, commands, songs of praise and thanks, this woman who had been spiritually oppressed for two years was set completely free. When we left, the woman – just as the demon–posessed Gadarene – was sitting in her right mind, full of joy for what the Lord Jesus had done for her.

We were grateful to see the hand of the Lord planning each step of the way, seeing His heart for His people who are turning to Him.

Will you pray?

  • Thank God that his word is powerful and stronger than Satan.
  • Pray against the cults flooding Asia, and pray especially for Christians, often targeted by these groups, to stand strong in their faith and study God’s Word.
  • Pray that God’s Word will shine bright among the Hmong in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China.

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