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A Day of Adventure in the Life of a Serve Asia Worker

A Day of Adventure

4am – Ami was woken up by the sounds of a chicken squawking. Just in time for the family breakfast – in the fasting month, everyone ate breakfast at 4, just before the sun rose in half an hour. The call to prayer began at 5am. Ami was a guest in the family’s home that weekend, in a little village in the mountains of South East Asia.

On a Motorbike to the Lagoon

In the early hours of the morning I climbed onto the back of a motorbike. Dad if you are reading this, I’m sorry, but I didn’t wear all the leather gear, just a helmet…! We headed along the coast as the sun was rising. After a hours drive we arrived at the bottom of a narrow track, there were two houses with some sort of shack in the middle. Turns out this shack was the ticket office. A tour guide popped up behind us, and we began our trek. It was a two-hour walk through an exotic mass of trees following the course of a rocky river until we reached a beautiful lagoon with a waterfall.

Over the Hills and Through the Woods

As we walked, we crossed bridges that were no more than hand-made ladders and some narrow paths barely 10 inches wide, with jungle on one side and river on the other.  We crossed tributaries by hopping across rocks, and at one point we even had to wade through the main river as a shortcut.

The birds and monkeys were crying in the distance. There was also a particularly strange sound, I asked our guide if there was a construction site nearby, but it turns out it was an insects wings.

Beautiful Butterflies and Poisonous Snakes

Beautiful butterflies were everywhere in bright yellow, green, blue and stripy black and white. We saw little monkeys swinging off trees and heard big monkeys in the distance. Fortunately, we didn’t meet any tigers or big snakes (but we did see a small poisonous one).

Unfortunately, we all experienced leaches. Horrible! They were on the ground attached to leaves with their whole bodies straining out to reach our feet, and when they did, you didn’t feel them at all. But, I certainly felt the three of mine when they were pulled off my feet!

Jumping into Adventure

Eventually, we reached the lagoon where we had a chance to relax and cool off in the water. I even jumped off a ledge, plunging to the bottom where all the fish were.

Throughout the journey, Ami’s friend introduced her to the local wildlife. At some points, her friend stopped to lay out her prayer mat for a time of prayer. They talked to each other about their dreams, families and hopes for the future. Ami felt privileged that her new friend had shared her life so candidly with her and hoped she would be able to do the same.

Will You Pray?

    • Opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and friendship between people from different backgrounds.

    • Humility in visitors to Southeast Asia, that they would take time to understand their new friends, care for and love them.

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