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“Da Lu” Wide Road – Return to China

Samuel is a Chinese brother who is just one of the many Chinese in Diaspora who are truly influencing China and the world for Christ. Samuel is around 55 years old. Born in China, he was educated in the U.S. Very bright and gifted, he went on to become a vice-president of a large international software company. Samuel actually became a Christian as a young man in the U.S., but work, success, raising a family and lots of money had seriously dampened his love for the Lord.

But one day, while in Florida on a business trip, Samuel found himself under an enormous burden of weight, so much so that he had to kneel down by his bed. Somehow, he sensed it was spiritual, and so he said, “God, what is it?” The Lord spoke two words to him, in Mandarin—“da lu” (sounds like the word for “wide road,” or for “China”). He immediately thought of the verse where Jesus described the wide road and the narrow road. He panicked and said, “Lord, am I on the wide road?” “No,” came the reply, “Da lu.”

This time, Samuel immediately understood everything that God was saying to him. He understood that the Lord was calling him to leave everything and go back to “da lu,” China. Though at first his wife responded negatively, two days later when Samuel returned home and opened the door, his wife met him with tears streaming down her face. “God wants us to go home!” If Samuel had stayed at his job for just two more years, with the stock options he had, he would have been set for life. But he knew God did not want him to delay two more years.

So today, Samuel and his family are living in a large city in China. He believes he has been called by God to help change  corporate culture —to help eliminate corruption, embezzlement, extortion and the use of prostitution to make business deals.

With his experience and very high profile, he has been able to influence some of the richest and most influential business and corporate leaders in China.

One example—Samuel persuaded one very powerful factory owner to stop making his employees work on Sundays and to actually open the factory for worship services instead. Rural house church evangelists and pastors were brought in and actually hired by the factory owner, and they ministered to these laborers who were almost exclusively from the countryside. When the owner saw that many were becoming Christians, and that the attitude and atmosphere were so dramatically changed, and that output actually increased, he himself became a Christian. Now he is giving many hours each month to help Samuel reach other CEOs and executives, changing China’s corporate culture one business at a time.

Samuel is one example of the incredible opportunity we have to influence China at its point of deepest need by reaching those God is bringing overseas.

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