Missional Business

Do you have a passion to honour God by the way you work or run your business?

Why not join us, take that passion to East Asia and work where the Church doesn’t yet exist?

About Missional Business

OMF has been working in East Asia since 1865 when J. Hudson Taylor founded the China Inland Mission.
We are now looking to work alongside people in new and innovative ways and develop exciting opportunities for experienced business men and women to come and make a difference. You could use your work skills and experiences with us for God in East Asia.
It could be in one of Asia’s mega-cities, in smaller tribal areas and everything in between. The challenge is immense.

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Why Business?

We believe God is choosing to redeem business, and use it as a significant way for the future of mission.
Business can thrive and demonstrate Kingdom values where the church does not yet exist. It provides avenues to identify with local people economically, socially, and for the Gospel.

Ways to Partner

  • ENGAGE – If you have business skills and experience, can we partner with you to develop a business in East Asia?
  • Will you pray that the activities of our Missional Businesses will contribute to the maturing of the Church and the work of the Gospel where it is not presently known?

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Missional Business Stories and Videos

God’s Mission in the Workplace

McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc once said – ‘On Sunday I believe in God, family and McDonald’s – and in the office the order is reversed.’ When Christians adopt this approach to life, they exclude themselves from God’s missional agenda in the workplace. Commenting on the Church of England report ‘Setting God’s People Free’, the London [...]

What’s it like being a Missional Professional?

Travel to the city centres of any Asian country and you will see a skyline dominated by tall buildings. These skyscrapers are full of men and women working to satisfy the demands of worldly masters, while many have no knowledge or understanding of their heavenly Father. The best way of spending time with these people [...]

Running a cafe in Japan: partnership in mission

Sometimes God surprises us by unexpectedly opening the door into a new ministry partnership. This happened recently when an OMF couple began work in a cafe in Sapporo.

What is an OMF Friend?

Can you be a missionary whilst doing a full-time teaching job? What is a tentmaker? What role can they play in mission in Japan? Hear Emba’s story.

Avoiding the Secular-Sacred Divide: Missional Business for the Glory of God

Returning to Geneva in 1537, Calvin stated: ‘I consider the principal enemies of the Gospel to be, not the Pontiff of Rome, nor heretics, nor seducers, nor tyrants, but bad Christians... Of what use is a dead faith without good works? Of what importance is even truth itself, where a wicked life belies it and [...]

Investing in People or Profit: What Really Matters in Missional Businesses?

We had a choice, right from the very outset: let market forces and profit or a strategy of enabling evangelism, discipleship and church-planting dictate how our missional business ran. This is how it played out for us: The government was keen for us to open a boutique hotel in a major tourist town. A great [...]

White Shirts

What is it like to work in Toyko? What is life like for millions of business men in Japan? Hear the inside story.

Café Iris

Just entering a church building is a big hurdle for most Japanese people. How can we help them enter the ‘narrow door that leads to life’? How about a café next door?