Healthcare Mission

Healthcare Mission

Before founding China Inland Mission, James Hudson Taylor studied medicine as a way to minister to the lost and hurting in China.

He understood Jesus’ call to show compassion to the sick and provide hope for the hopeless.

Dentist training in Cambodia

As OMF continues to follow Hudson Taylor’s example, healthcare workers are bearing amazing fruit for the kingdom.

Much of East Asia is without modern medicine, and through our established ministries, we connect physicians, nurses, dentists, and other medical personnel with clinics and hospitals throughout the region. In addition to supporting a hospital-based ministry in Cambodia, we also send staff and professionals to help train local doctors and work with churches to better meet healthcare needs in their own communities.

Most importantly, every medical missionary is building life-giving relationships and impacting lives for Christ.

He heals the brokenhearted

and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Historical medical mission1

Are you a healthcare professional?

God wants to use your skills and training along with your passion for people and his kingdom to reach the people of East Asia. He is looking for those with skilled hands and willing hearts to minister to hurting, suffering people in remote parts of the world.

Global Missions Health Conference 2019

Medical Mission Stories

A Gospel-Driven Response to Disability

Do you know any doctor in your country who can cure her?’ An anxious and embarrassed mother held her 7-year-old girl who was born with profound learning and physical disabilities. The family lived across the lane in our small Southeast Asian home town, desperate for any help we could offer. Local doctors had misdiagnosed and [...]

Reflections on 10 Years of Teaching Doctors

'God has really brought us together', said the hospital director at the end of our short-term trip. Perhaps he did not mean it in quite the way we might, but I believe it was heartfelt. We have been visiting the hospital in this small town on the river annually for several years, for seven to [...]

Bringing Gospel Hope through Palliative Care

Khun pastors a small house church on the outskirts of a city in Southeast Asia. One day, Khun went to the city’s main hospital and asked for permission to visit cancer patients and offer spiritual support. She rejoiced when the hospital officials agreed as until recently, open evangelism in this area would have resulted in [...]

The Patient in Bed 21 and the Hope of Christ

Life is not fair. It’s not fair that your husband whom you married and hoped would love and protect you instead turns out to be a drug addict and gives you HIV. It’s not fair when the promise of a new future is instantly destroyed after your two babies die of AIDS. Life is not [...]

Responding to Malnutrition with Chickens and Eggs

Ever since coming to serve in this remote mountainous area largely populated by a minority people group in Southeast Asia I have been struck by how common childhood malnutrition is here. As a paediatrician working in the local county hospital, I see many of the worst cases: children who are emaciated, sick and dying. 'Just [...]

The Power of Medical Mission in Christian Witness

My first introduction to world mission came from my parents’ interest and advocacy for the Leprosy Mission. I have early memories of slide presentations vividly documenting treatment of people with leprosy. Many years later I found myself attending church in Central Thailand where a number of the elderly musicians bore the scars of untreated leprosy [...]

A short history of sharing the gospel through medical mission

In the 1970s David, a former Malay soldier with leprosy, received care from an OMF nurse in Thailand: ‘when Minka put my stinking foot on her lap to treat my ulcer, then I knew what the love of God was.’[1] Medical mission like this has always been part of OMF’s work. Our founder, James Hudson [...]

Medics in Missions: Meeting Needs in Cambodia

An estimated 2 per cent of Cambodian physicians survived the Pol Pot era from 1975-1979 leaving the country devoid of much needed healthcare.[1] Today, over 40 years later there are only five medical schools in Cambodia training healthcare workers to provide treatment for the population of 16 million Cambodians. Many of the privileged and wealthy [...]

Christian Counselling: Addressing Hidden Pain in Cambodia

Mental health ministry is a growing need around the world, especially in Cambodia, a country with a tragic history. From 1975-1979, Cambodia’s population was reduced by 2-3 million during the Khmer Rouge regime. Neighbors betrayed neighbors. Family members betrayed family members. In the wake of the purge, very few Christians, medical personnel, or intellectuals of [...]

Leg Braces Bring Life

 At harvest time, Sam had to be out reaping in the fields. Since his older brother died in an accident, Sam needed to provide for not only his own family with a 4 and a 6 year-old girl, but also his aging parents.But in 2006 a slip and a three-metre fall changed his life. The [...]

Mom matters too

 John is 13 and has cerebral palsy. He can’t walk and his dad carried him for three hours down the mountain where they live to the nearest road, where they took a four hour bus journey to come to the center for the 10-day support program. At home, he usually stays in bed. They don’t [...]

Caring for Carers

 Recently our medical team visited a remote site where there were a large number of intellectually disabled adults (around 10 per cent of the population). The journey by bus took us about seven hours.  Our bus wound its way up pine tree covered mountains and through back roads without any dividing lines to indicate the [...]

From Light through Darkness into Hope

Synopsis: A true story based on the journey of faith of a Thai woman who believed in Jesus after getting treated for leprosy at Manorom hospital. Angie Chang Angie Chang is undergoing theological training. She served in rural and metropolitan Thailand for the past two years with OMF. From Light through Darkness into Hope Mission Round Table [...]

One Short-Term Visit, Such Long-Term Commitment

“Only 1 short encounter during a 3 day short-term training has yielded such long-term faithfulness!”

God is our Healer

“Around me, smoke and incense burn and multitudes of followers lay their offerings in front of Buddha.”

Passion is Contagious

“Her passion was contagious. My students learned that what you love you do well.”

Disabled but not forgotten

Now in his early 30s, Kyaw Lwin has been profoundly deaf since birth. Although well cared for by his family, he lives a very isolated life. Until last year, he had never even eaten a meal with anyone outside his own household, and had never been to school. Like the majority of hearing impaired persons, [...]

What motivates us to join a short-term mission trip?

“A year later, the Hong Kong doctor and three specialist team members arrived at the airport.”

It’s more fun in the Philippines

“With the few words I knew, I began to play some games with the children.”


“This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life!” (John 9:3b) It is with great joy that we report: God is at work in Cambodia! He is displaying his glory in order that many in this land would come to worship Jesus the King. Pu Samun had already seen his […]

God of the Speechless

‘If I stay at home and care for her, we won’t eat. And if I go out to find work, who will look after her?’ A tearful mother and her only child sat on the bamboo platform outside their one-roomed shack in a village in the central plains. At nine years old, Mie Mie should […]

Aids Care – Light in the Darkness

"When we hugged her, and just shared love with her, the tears started to flow," says an AIDS Care worker in Thailand about visiting an HIV patient in the hospital. That patient was Taeng Mo. She accepted Christ and now volunteers with AIDS Care. OpportunitiesExplore the variety of ways you could serve in medical missions. [...]

Missionsärzte dringend gesucht!

In der Mission werden Ärzte dringend gesucht. Der medizinische Dienst hilft Missionaren, ihren Dienst zu tun und trotz Krankheit in ihrem Einsatzland zu bleiben. Ein Video über einen wichtigen Dienst im Hintergrund. Auch andere praktische Berufe werden gesucht, von der Verwaltungsfachkraft bis zum Handwerker. Suchen Sie Ihre Aufgabe und Ihr Einsatzland unter (This is [...]

Behind the Scenes – Not Worried Sick

Marlen, an OMF missionary, explains the importance of skilled professionals providing her with vital support in her frontline role in East Asia. Behind the Scenes – Bearing the LossHas God called you into full-time Christian ministry using the same skills from your secular career? Discover how the things we do in faith now can bless [...]

Behind the Scenes – Enjoying your Medicine

Christine, an OMF Medical Adviser, describes the journey of faith, from leaving a secular job in the UK to taking on a similar role within OMF Thailand.


Aids Care – Light in the Darkness

Behind the Scenes – Not Worried Sick

Behind the Scenes – Enjoying your Medicine

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