Marketplace Ministry

Living out your faith,modelling work as a Christian and ministering to others in the workplace 

Making Connections: Doing Mission in the Marketplace

Making good connections is key for doing marketplace ministry well. This is an area we want to grow in and help make some of these connections happen. Is you church sending someone to work professionally in East Asia? Get in touch with your local OMF center to see how we could help.

These thoughts from different players in mission show some of the connections needed for fruitful mission in the marketplace:

Marcus is a church pastor in Canada. He has a church member, Carrie, preparing to take an international job transfer to Japan. He wonders how to help her prepare for the move and be able to share their faith.

Carrie also wants to be ready for the move. She’d love to be able to connect with people in similar situations and with people who know the country well.

Joshua pastors a church in Tokyo. He sees that workers like Carrie have unique opportunities to share the gospel with people churches would otherwise struggle to reach. He would like to equip church members for marketplace ministry and try and make good connections for people like Carrie.

Laura has been a full-time missionary in Tokyo for five years She knows a lot of people in her area work in offices with no Christians. People like Carrie have more opportunities to spend time with people. Laura thinks about how she could help marketplace workers like Carrie. When Laura came to Japan her organisation took her through some really helpful introductory materials and Laura’s team have developed some Bible studies for their Japanese friends.

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