OMF New Horizons is a global team representing countries without an OMF sending center. We work in partnership with mission agencies and churches in freshly responsive sending contexts to see an unhindered flow of fervent prayer and willing workers skilfully contributing to movements of God amongst East Asia’s peoples.

What We Do

We joyfully serve in partnership so that the fullness of Christ is shared amongst East Asia’s peoples.

Mobilizing and Sending

We send you, supported by an OMF partner agency in your country

Catalysing and Resourcing Prayer

We equip you to pray where you are

Training, Equipping and Mentoring

We journey with you as you explore mission

Serving in Partnership with OMF

Explore some of the different ways you can partner in mission in East Asia

Send Workers to These Opportunities

Start & Sustain Prayer for East Asia’s People

Volunteer and Mobilize Others

Meet the Team

Andy Stevens New Horizons

Andy Stevens

Strategy Coordinator

Location: UK

Andy is the Strategy Coordinator for New Horizons in Europe. In his own words, he loves this job where he can have his feet in Europe, but his heart in Asia.

Andy served in East Asia from 1998 to 2003 and returned to his home in the UK joining the OMF mobilisation team in 2004. In 2016, he joined the New Horizons team.

Jenni Stevens New Horizons OMF

Jenni Stevens

Serve Asia Coordinator

Location: UK

Jenni is the Serve Asia Coordinator for New Horizons. Jenni guides applicants through the application process and works with field members to find the best possible placement.

She loves the sense of accomplishment when great placements come off, and skilled, talented and called people are able to make a genuine difference in mission.

Andrea Roldan

Executive Director

Location: Philippines

Andrea is from the Philippines and leads the New Horizons team.

She is passionate about partnership, missional discipleship and indigenous mission movements.

Andrea worked as an architect before joining OMF and served as the International Facilitator for the Serve Asia program for 8 years.


Marilyn Fuller

Candidate Coordinator

Location: Canada

Marilyn walks candidates through the application process when they are ready to become a member.

She and her family have been in OMF since 1988 serving in the southern Philippines and in Singapore in a leadership role.

Marilyn is an elementary school teacher by training and considers it a great privilege to help others on their mission journey.

steve and anna griffiths

Steve & Anna Griffiths

Strategy Coordinator

Location: Brazil

Steve is a Zimbabwean doctor. Anna is an English zoologist and theology graduate. Married for 29 years, they have two children.

They have served with OMF since 2000 and under the direction of the OMF leadership, they moved to Brazil in 2017. They work to challenge, inspire and facilitate the Brazilian church to share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with the peoples of East Asia to the glory of God.

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Stories of how New Horizons is joining, serving, and partnering with OMF International

From Brazil to Cambodia in 2020

The year was 2017. The occasion was the largest mission’s mobilization event held in Brazil every three years, the Congress of Brazilian Missions. A young couple stood waiting patiently for us at the stand of SEPAL, the partner mission agency of OMF in Brazil. Maysa was clutching little Aurora, just five weeks old, sleeping peacefully [...]

Taking on a New Challenge in International Leadership

After eight years leading the Serve Asia programme internationally, Andrea Roldan has a new challenge: leading New Horizons, our venture to partner with churches and Christians in new places for us. We caught up with her to find out what brought about the transition, excites her about her new role and how we can pray for [...]

What happens when your church has never sent a missionary before?

That trip back to Thailand changed everything for Xavier* and Florence*. They were now certain. God was calling them to reach the Hmong in East Asia. They had become all too aware of those who have never heard of Jesus. Xavier’s previous view of Thailand had been out of a plane window on his way [...]

New Horizons

The phrase New Horizons has been bouncing around the OMF community for a couple of years now but it’s likely that many of us are still unclear as to what exactly it is. To put it briefly New Horizons was created to help a) Missionary Agencies outside of OMF sending countries, who would like to […]


Information for Potential Candidates & Sending Partners

Information for Potential Candidates and Churches

Introduction to OMF International


My church hasn’t sent any missionaries. Is that a problem?

For us, it is certainly not a problem. We are aware that in many countries, the idea of sending missionaries cross-culturally is quite new. We really enjoy working with churches and networks as they figure out how to send missionaries well. However, it could take quite a bit longer to get ready to go if you are the very first.

Can OMF help me find a paid job in Asia?

We are looking for a wide variety of willing, skilled workers to join us in what God has called us to do. We are not an employment agency, though. Our model is to work with Christians who will serve in a variety of roles and professions with the full support of churches, networks and friends in their home countries.

How much money will I need?

Living and ministry costs will depend on where you will be living and serving.  Schooling costs for children will also vary. Budgets, therefore, can be vastly different from one context to another and even from one family or individual to another. Because of this, it is rare that we are able to give an accurate budget early in the process but we can give you and your church a rough idea.

Do I have to do a short-term mission trip with OMF before I can go long-term?

While a short-term mission trip is always helpful, it is not essential to have done this before going long-term with OMF.  Many of our candidates have undertaken a short-term mission trip in their own country which is also very helpful, but again not a requirement for membership.

Do I need to speak English?

The short answer is yes. Although a high level of fluency is not required, you will need enough English to complete certain tasks and communicate with team-mates. This is true even if you speak the language of the country where you want to serve.

I come from a country where the church is under pressure. Can I still go?

Hopefully, yes. However, with our small team, we are not yet able to facilitate cross-cultural workers from every country in the world – even if this is our ultimate vision.  If a period of long-term service isn’t possible, we might be able to help you serve short-term (up to 1 year). Please inquire.

Will OMF help me get a visa?

OMF has agreements with many governments in East Asia to provide visas for those serving with OMF. The availability of help with visas will depend on the length of service as well as type of ministry. In certain situations, obtaining an OMF visa will not be recommended. Cases may vary, but if you have been accepted to serve with OMF, your receiving Field will advise and find a suitable solution.

Do I need to be able to speak the language of the country where I want to serve before I go?

No, this is not necessary before you go to the field.  As part of our commitment to the least reached where our workers go to serve and as part of our investment in our members, OMF ensures you receive language, culture and world view training once you arrive on the Field.  This is an essential part of incarnational ministry.

In some cases, studying and learning the language before arriving on the field may help reduce the cost of language learning on the Field. However, this must be discussed with the Field to ensure that this is in fact helpful.

Do I need to go to Bible College?

Usually you do if you are planning to serve long-term.  It would also be extremely helpful if your course and school prepare you for cross-cultural service and not just for pastoral work in your home country. For long-term service (more than 3 years) we usually require two years of full-time theological/missiological training or the equivalent.  The length of required study may depend on the context you are going to. We are more flexible for short-term workers and service under 3 years.


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