We share the good news of Jesus Christ
in all its fullness with East Asia’s peoples
to the glory of God.

Church Planting and Evangelism

Are you excited about sharing your faith? Have you been part of a church plant? Do you already lead Bible studies with students or young professionals? Do you have the energy and compassion to connect with the elderly?

The many unreached areas we work in need church planters, theology teachers, evangelists and student workers who can work in teams and alongside local believers, bringing the good news of Jesus in all its fullness to East Asia’s people.

Student Ministry

Student ministry is a vital component to gospel ministry in East Asia. East Asian students are often more open to new ideas, and have more time to explore them than those in full-time employment. Several countries have well established student ministries, and OMF workers partner with national student ministries in sharing the gospel. If you enjoy working with international students in your home country, then why not take the next step and move to East Asia, where you can reach many more students with the good news of Jesus Christ?

Theological Education

A Korean Christian leader said, ‘It is my firm conviction that the chief service of Western missionaries is to train Asian Christians in Asia, so that these nationals can reach their own people on the grassroots level with the gospel.’

OMF works in several seminaries in East Asia, serving the East Asian Church by seeking to equip the future leaders with the skills they need for their ministry. This has particular importance in areas where foreign evangelism is restricted but the indigenous church is growing.

Group of East Asia Diaspora

Diaspora Returnee Ministry

OMF’s Diaspora Ministry team are passionate about reaching East Asians & preparing them to return home to live for Christ.


International Sending Partnerships – New Horizons

OMF has links across the world through OMF New Horizons to facilitate inquirers from all nations to fulfil God’s call on their lives.


Missional Business

Use your skills to be part of a business which demonstrates Kingdom values where the church does not yet exist.

Professionals in East Asia

Professional Opportunities in South East Asia

Could you move somewhere else in the world to do the job that you are now doing in your home country?


Serve Asia – Short Term Mission

Serve Asia is OMF’s short term missions programme for those who want to serve East Asia’s peoples for up to 12 months.


Serving Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Find out how you could serve with TCKs in a dormitory, education or team conference role.

The Task Unfinished Thumbnail_edited-1

The Task Unfinished

The Task Unfinished is a call for Christians worldwide to take the gospel to places where Christ is unknown.

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