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Cosplay: not a small thing in Japan

When I visited my first Cosplay or Costume Role-play Festival in Sapporo, it was like entering a different world. A world of bright clothes, boldmakeup, and colourful comics. I wanted to know more about this different world that had come to the arena near where we lived.  So I spoke to some people who occasionally lived in this other domain.

The man who took my entrance fee said that these events happen four times a year and draw 2-3,000 people from Sapporo and even further away areas of Hokkaido.

So, this is not just a small time thing, this is a whole subculture in Japan.

I spoke to two women in their early 30s who pulled small suitcases, which seemed to be the standard accessory and which contained the costumes they changed into for the festival. They had had an interest in comic and cartoon characters since they were in primary school.  Now they were normal working girls who make their own costumes and wear them at these events.

So this is not something that really weird people get involved in.  This is something that normal Japanese people enjoy and get heavily involved in.

The subculture of Cosplay; it’s a whole different world.  I ask myself the question that every Christian asks;  ‘How can we reach this world, this different world of Cosplay, with the gospel of Jesus Christ?’

By Peter, OMF missionary

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that Christians in Japan will seek to reach into different subcultures like Cosplay.
  • Pray for missionaries who will get involved in creative ministries.

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