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Cooperating to reach commuters

One of our Japanese friends leaves his house at 5am every morning and does not return home until 1am the following day. On Saturdays, if he’s not working, he sleeps. On Sundays his wife and children might finally get to see him.

He is not alone. Thousands upon thousands in Japan join him in a punishing system that prizes loyalty to the company above the wellbeing of the individual and their family. But our friend is unusual. He knows us—Christians who will tell him the good news of Jesus. Most Japanese people don’t know any Christians. Many work at their companies all day long and in the evenings are out in company groups in the bars. When will they ever meet an outsider, or a Christian? So how can we reach the hardworking men and women of Japan?

OMF has been cooperating with three churches in Sapporo to bring the gospel to people during their daily commute. A group, including missionaries and members of the churches, write short leaflets containing Biblical wisdom for the workplace. We write about a wide range of issues, trying to keep the leaflets interesting and relevant so that people want to read them every week. We distribute a new leaflet each week to commuters at subway stations, and also via a website and an email distribution list. Our aim is to introduce workers to different aspects of the gospel and to show them how faith and the Bible’s teaching is relevant to their working lives. 

We also run business seminars once a year, where our speakers blend their business expertise with Biblical teaching and personal testimony. It’s exciting to see people who have never encountered Christianity before come to these seminars. 

The ministry is called Hope for Business, and we pray that many will find hope in Jesus through our work.

By Chris Pain, an OMF Japan missionary

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray for the millions of workers like this who work such long hours and have no time and little opportunity to hear about Christ.
  • Thank God for the ministry of Hope for Business and the missionaries and church members who write the tracts and hand them out.
  • Pray for the Lord to have mercy and for many to come to faith in the Master whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light.

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