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Connecting with the Community Through Calligraphy

I had long wanted to learn Japanese calligraphy, so when I entered an old two-story building from the Showa era to attend my first Japanese calligraphy class, I was full of anticipation. Inside I found several women practicing calligraphy in a large Japanese-style hall. The teacher sat at the front of the hall, instructing one of the students.

This class had students of all ages, and everyone enjoyed the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The class was mostly female, from primary school students to retired seniors, with a few university students.

During class, everyone worked on their own calligraphy, and there wasn’t much opportunity to talk. So I asked God to help me to connect to others. One day, I got a chance to chat with a girl sitting next to me who was interested in studying Chinese, and we exchanged contact details. Another time, I had time to get to know a girl who wanted to improve her English, so we agreed to do a language exchange. I met a third student who was a young Chinese lady working in Japan and was interested in Hong Kong, so we often went out for meals together. God brought all these people to me.

During class, I copied Scripture using calligraphy, and when the teacher asked me about it, I explained the meaning of the Scripture to her. Using calligraphy in this way was a fantastic way to tell people about God’s Word.

Attending this Japanese calligraphy class was a unique and fulfilling experience. Despite the pandemic, I was able to connect with the community, build relationships, and spread the Word of God, all through the art of calligraphy.

By Selina, an OMF missionary

Please pray for missionaries to find creative ways to reach out to other people in Japan with God’s good news.

#OMFJapan #PrayforJapan

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