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Church planting: What if no one comes?

It was a rainy, gloomy Sunday morning. We cleaned up our living room and set up some chairs. In faith, we anticipated one, perhaps two families to come and gather for the Puxin house church service.

“What if no one, not one single person, came to church?” This was no longer just a thought provoking question brought to us by our Bible College lecturer.

It was 10:15am. No one came to church that morning.

We were slowly accepting that fact.

Our family of three were about to begin praying and worshiping, when a lady arrived to our place on her scooter.

“Do you have worship this morning?” She asked.

“Yes, we do! Welcome to join us. But we do not have others this morning.”

“Oh… would you like to come to my house? My mum is not a Christian yet.” By 10:30am, we were worshiping God at Delia’s place.

Meeting in her home

Delia is a single lady living in our neighbouring village with her elderly mother, Chen Mama. Chen Mama believes in Yiguandao, a Chinese salvationist religion. Yet Delia became a Christian, and worked as a Christian social worker. She found out about us through her work. Several times she invited us to her place to tell Bible stories to her family members.

Delia told us that she wanted to use her place for Christian gatherings. We began the process of sharing our vision with her. One step at a time, we pray that her house can be a church for her village.

A church in every village

Our vision is to see reproducing communities of Jesus’ disciples among Taiwanese working class in Puxin township. In other words, we want to see churches in every village, and disciples in every family.

This means we want to avoid two things. First, people and ministries should not center around the missionary, because we want Jesus-loving Taiwanese working class to be the leaders.

Second, the new church gatherings should not center around one location (e.g. a church building or the missionary’s home), because through God’s grace we long to see churches in every village across the township.

This is easier said than done. We pray for this all the time, and we pray that Delia’s family might be part of this vision for the township.

– Hiwin, Church Planter

(Puxin Township, Changhua County, Central Taiwan)


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